D-Day: Battle of Normandy



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    Actually that’s fairly realistic. For a long time General Bradley was debating whether to abandon Omaha and just use the UK landing zones because it was overcast with low clouds, so naval artillery was iffy and bombing was impossible.

    Eventually a bunch of ship captains said “The boys are getting pounded on that beach, and we’re going to arty the hell out of those beaches if we have to run this fucking boat aground.”


    fairly realistic? thats a fake?


    D’oh! Thought it was a scene from ‘Saving Private Ryan.’

    I’m running on little sleep, so that will be my flimsy excuse.


    Also, for some reason, I saw it in color the first time I looked at it and posted.

    Too much Call of Duty 2, perhaps?


    Also, the landing ships where portayed incorrewctly in the mvoie. They only showed LCVP Higgins boats, but actually the troops where mostly transdprted by the bigger LCP(L) boats.

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