Can’t hardly wait


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    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    Political savvy is as useful as religious devotion. You’re time would be better spent lighting your own farts and keeping a journal about it.


    But what if you already do that?

    tiki god

    Ron Paul!


    YES! If only the Republicans would put him on their ticket.


    Change the constitution, another FOUR MORE YEARS! That’d really piss off the whiny liberal bitches in this country. I’d lol.


    Seconding Ron Paul


    I wish I had the time to shape a piece of thread/yarn to resemble a sad face and then PS your lame ass comments (though some sarcastically clever and ironic – I hope) smiling behind it. I pray that none of you past the first (meant to say Vice President Obama) comment actually live in America. If you do, I hope you die (barring sarcasm on your part). Sorry, not to be mean but c’mon. We’re actually in a crisis here. And I know: “this comment = massive fail” to foreigners and no-votes but really if you were here when the US started and were still rooting for the likes of the current Republican party, you’d be shot then deported.

    America then (character for ‘does not equal’) America now.


    It’s true,I hate the current Republican party. That’s why I like Ron Paul…he’s the closest to what the Republicans SHOULD be out of any of their candidates, and for that reason they all hate him. Normally I vote Libertarian (and I know how much everyone loves them), but I would have to make an exception if Mr. Paul were put on the ticket. Yay for campaigning on less government and actually MEANING it!

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