Scary Illusion


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    that’s because it’s not scary, it’s not an illusion, and it’s not even worthy of the term “bad shop”

    Hell you could do this in ma paint, perhaps they did.

    Here, allow me to adjust that score back down for you.


    I’m happy to report that I gave this one star.


    Where is the option for negative stars?

    1 star isn’t quite low enough for this tripe.


    Vertical flipping their mouth and eyes isn’t an “illusion” because you actually did just flip their mouth and eyes. If you maked it LOOK like you did without actually doing it, THEN it’s an illusion. As it stands it’s just a retarded pic. 🙂 Fail.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    The Thatcher Illusion is a pretty cool phenomenon, but this post screws it up. The idea is that if you present this image upside down it appears normal, but viewed right side up you’ll notice the manipulation.
    Much better example is found here


    Yeah I found the same site when I was looking it up. sansbutt just failed is all. Maybe if you posted the before and after or w/e it might have been better or a link to explain everything.


    Or if he had simply done a better Photoshop job?

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