Our Sun vs. Largest Known Star

Our Sun Is Weak

Sun (the itty bitty spec) vs. VY Canis Majoris

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    Wow! Now our sun is gonna have envy issues!


    Wait around. You’ll get a fireworks show larger than the Earth. There’s probably enough gas let off from that when it blows to make 20-30 stars much larger than our sun.

    Of course, with a star that size there’s going to be a major black hole, so most of that gas will probably be sucked into an infinitely small singularity.


    That doesn’t make sense. For a star to be that size, why would it go into red giant stage?

    Stars of that magnitude go supernova far before they should ever reach red giant stage, like our sun. Our sun will swell large enough to engulf the earth, and possibly mars, then will shrivel down to the luminosity of the moon currently, then will dwindle into nothing more than a burnt out light source called a black dwarf.

    But supermassive stars have a different timeline, they implode over themselves, and essplode, possibly making black holes, and what not.


    WOW that’s cool, Kaze! Our sun will become a Gary Coleman! When that happens will we live in a binary system (Gary Coleman+Sol)?


    Kaze, that’s just the color they used. It’s already probably in blue giant stage, if it hasn’t superubernova’d already. A star of that magnitude exploding would probably dwarf everything but the Big Bang.

    The Lawnmower

    “That doesn’t make sense. For a star to be that size, why would it go into red giant stage?”

    It’s not a red giant, it’s a red hypergiant.


    Supernovas don’t tend to happen until after the red giant stage.


    doesnt that picture seem a little disproportionate?

    Our sun is roughly 1.4 Million Kms in Diameter. I read that if Canis Majoris was in the same place as our sun it would extend out as far as Saturn. Saturn is on average 588 Million Kms away from our sun making Canis Majoris roughly 1.2 Billion Kms in diameter. 845 Times larger than the sun.

    Please correct me where I’ve gone wrong.


    I don’t know mutch about the space, but now I’m scrared shitless from it 8|


    Where exactly is this star located?


    Canis Majoris is a constellation. VY Canis Majoris is the brightest star in the constellation.


    Wikipedia entry Ahh, alrigh then. That clears up a bit. They say it isn’t going into supernova, that it would go to hypernova, and that they are anticipating this occuring approximately in the year 3200. Mkay, that makes sense.

    On a side note, I keep glancing at it, and it looks like it’s written backwards and says “Major Clitoris” xD

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