Two Cars, One Lane, WHO WINS!?


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    beep beep

    This accident looks like an extreme case of douchebaggery. I am sure someone thought they could just get around the other person and a) not have to wait in line anymore and b) not have to pay the toll.


    i elect that its the guy on the lefts fault, since he is further from the toll booth, also the guy sitting in the car looks like a douche

    Rage 0

    I say the Nissan is at fault. The front end damage makes me think he nailed the guy in the rear driver’s side quarter panel. That kind of damage would be tough to cause if the Honda hit him, unless he cut him off something wicked.


    Whoevers fault it is, they both lose.


    i normally would agree that the nissan is at fault, since alot of the people i know who drive nissans suck, but idk i personally think the other car mighta pushed into the nissan forcing the car into the toll booth, just speculation of course


    Will it take off?

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