Periodic Table of the elements – conservative edition


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    Jesus Christ

    God, fuck Kansas, dude. A ton of stupid people live there and I’d be delighted with kicking some in the knee.

    beep beep

    I have lived in Kansas for 18 years or so and…yeah. Even though when I was taking biology in 9th grade my teacher was *supposed* to teach us about Creationism, she was like “fark that” which pissed off a lot of the Bible kids. I do not think that Kansas has more stupid people in it than most states; we just have a higher amount of loud crazies per capita than most states (i.e. the Phelps, Troy Walker, Phil Kline, etc.).


    Amen, beep beep. I’d absolutely love to thank the Kansas Board of Education for turning our school system into a Christian indoctrination facility and simultaneously turning us into the laughingstock of the educated world. I’m happy I was cycnical enough not to believe that bullshit, and also was happy enough that I had intelligent enough teachers that didn’t teach Creationism.

    Yes, I’d love to thank the BOE. With a Louisville Slugger.


    All they are but dust in the wind.

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