SR-71 Wallpaper


god damn this is one beautiful air-craft

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    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    One word: Cobra.


    I found one on the deck of an aircraft carrier…pretty large plane:,-74.00002&spn=0.000892,0.002682&t=k&om=1


    I thought the SR-71 Blackbird was retired in favor of the F-117?


    No the F-117 is a fighter, not for intelligence/surveillance/reconnaissance (ISR). I’m pretty sure no aircraft (other than the predators) have been made specifically for ISR since the SR-71. It was retired, though, for costing too much to sustain. I saw a recent article that stated, as fact, that a replacement is on it’s way soon. I can’t find the article now, but I think the Lockheed Aurora was what the article described as the replacement.

    tiki god

    from what I understand, they retired it, and then un-retired it, and they’re still flying them for military uses. I know that NASA still maintains a small fleet of them too


    Unfortunately, all the Blackbirds are retired. The first retirement was around ’88, then 3 were brought back into service in the early 90’s, but killed again in 97. The last flight of a Blackbird was in 99 by NASA. All of the aircraft, including the A-12, YF-12 , M-12 and SR-71 models are now in museums. Check out the timeline and locations of the airframes at She was a beautiful aircraft, but with the advancement of drones, digital images that can be relayed back in real time and all the other tech advancements, it didn’t justify the estimated 100k… Read more »


    I live in San Antonio, and am priviledged to be able to go and see one of the last remaining non-degutted planes in existence.

    There are three left in existence to my knowledge, and one that is still capable of flight. One of those three is located in Lackland AFB, in San Antonio TX.


    This reminded me of the band.


    Looks like they’re possibly working on its successor, the SR-72:

    It’ll be unmanned & capable of flying twice the speed of the SR-71, at about 4,000 mph. Damn, that’s fast.


    Looks more like the boat from McHales’ navy, the_duck