Best Divorce Letter Ever

Best Divorce Letter Ever

How many Gentlemen (or Ladies) have ever wanted to send a letter like that one, I wonder?

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    Jesus Christ

    Wanted to?

    No no, I actually did. I said something about getting crazy with a condom wrapped in barbed wire but hell if I can remember the rest. :





    I mean really who has ever described this as a “Cinnamon ring” …



    ROFLMAO. best divorce letter evs.


    If this is for real, why should he write “Best Divorce letter ever”
    Or is it only a copy of the original???

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Very funny, probably not real. Here’s why I doubt it:
    1) Never a good idea to admit that you’ve cheated before the divorce is final. Looks real bad in court.
    2)Excellent spelling, grammar and punctuation
    3)As noted, why would put “Best Divorce Letter Ever” at the top?
    4)They’ve been married 14 years but she has an 18 year old sister. That’s an age different of 14 yeas between siblings. Not impossible, but uncommon.
    5)The letter would presumably have been sent to Connie. Why would Connie post it on the Internet?


    Old. Saw that picture months ago.


    That is horrible… Yeah I dont think it would look good in court at all. “I cheated on you… with your sister”


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