Smack the shit out of your children; they need it and it will make you feel much better


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    Alec Dalek

    That’s how I was raised. Now-a-days they coddle the little bastards.


    My mom’s famous words: “If you don’t stop crying, I’m going to give you a reason to continue!”


    lol Sticky, my mother’s was similar:

    “Stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about!”

    It worked.

    Back in my parents’ days, the NEIGHBORS could smack the shit out of you if you were causing trouble, then they’d call your parents and you’d get more when you got home!


    My mom used to shake the drawer in the kitchen that held the wooden spoons just to scare us.


    lol My parents and grandparents would give me and my sister a good smack on the cheek once in a while, and all the times I can remember, we were being brats and they were right (in retrospect). People need to figure out that there’s a huge difference between a harmless smack that hurts for about a minutes, and breaking bones and drawing blood as the rare and occasional crazy does. But I guess no, there is no such thing as a middle ground.


    My mom used to carry a woodenspoon in her purse when we’d go places. That’s all the fear I needed to behave.


    geesh! you guys never got the rubber flip flop work over?

    lucky bastards *lol*


    I watched my father hit my siblings, and I learned quickly.
    Which is why I’m better at not getting caught, and am as paranoid as ever.

    Good times. =D


    I usually got smacked with a plastic fly swatter when I had misbehaved. But fear came from a certain look from my grandfather. That’s all he had to do was give me that look and I was done.

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