Battletech Forest Wallpaper


Battletech is kinda like Transformers right?

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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Battletech is kinda like Transformers ?!
    Those are fightin’ words.
    Battletech >> Transformers


    Thank you. I was about to lay down some hurt…..


    That’s also Gundam, not Battletech.


    Yeah, no mech worth it’s Ferrofibrous would ever carry a shield.

    Plus the current rage is all reverse bent-leg Clan crap. Gundam and Robotech inspired Battletech designs all got dumped years ago, unfortunately.


    i could accept that being mistaken for Robotech (though its way too huge), but MechWarrior? c’mon tiki! know your battlesuits!

    also, as any half-decent ‘mech pilot knows, the reverse bent-leg design allows for medium and large clanner ‘mechs to run circles around those InnerSphere assault ‘mechs.


    Blah blah blah, More images like this one!

    Where did this one come from?

    I would like to see some Battletech images of this nature.


    Why does something that big need a gun?

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