Trinity Cosplayer

me as Trinity

On a little note, that is ME! That was a few years ago (Halloween 2004) and I was working for the United Way as a tour guide through the Haunted Houses set up all over Westminster College campus. And yes, I’m wearing a corset under my costume, got quite a few looks from the frat boys. Wasn’t bad for a costume made for under $15, I had most of the stuff already 🙂


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    so.. pale…


    I’m going to be nice and just ask, why would you do this to yourself? you’ve seen the type of people who post here, and there are some who are nice to a fault, but a lot of them came from /b/, and don’t even know what nice feels like. Hell, most of them are still coping with their high school bullies, and will therefore lash out at anyone they can.

    You just opened yourself up to a world of ridicule, hope you’ve got a nice tough ego.

    On the one hand, me pointing all this out may actually serve to prevent the insecure little kids from attacking you. On the other hand they’re all /b/tards and little, if anything, deters them from a kill.

    t. durden

    To show Jeros has some validity, and only for that reason…….

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I don’t think you should worry about what’s said as much as what goes unsaid,i.e.
    BTW, which Westminster College are you refering to?


    I don’t think Triny had a see-through babydoll. Or saggy tits.

    I love those towels though.

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