Transformers – Bumblebee


bah weep granna weep ninni bong!

just got back from teh movie, and if you haven’t seen it, it rivals 300.

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    But Bumblebee is undeniably sucky…


    internet meme’s aside, i felt that 300 sucked. but i still hold out hopes for transformers.


    that movie was badass, and i never even watched the shows or anything when i was a little kid. my only problem with it was that i couldn’t really tell which transformer was beating up another transformer.


    I know is sounds impossible but, transformers>300.

    Spac Demon

    this movie fucking rocked my fucking socks right the fuck off.

    Although, I did like the feeling I got after watching 300 which was me wanting to impale somebody while yelling “FOR GLORY!”
    It got the testosterone levels up, which is rare for me honestly.

    *sips tea*

    The Lawnmower

    It was waaaaaaaaay better than I was expecting.
    It was awesome.

    tiki god

    it sucked you mean.

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