New Orleans Phone Books

New Orleans Phone Books

The New Orleans Phone Books Before & After Katrina

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    +1 LoL to you!


    They’re all still there! It’s just smaller print! Honest!


    HA this is great :p And not as offensive as 9-11 jokes!


    Those are 2 different phone books, one is the white pages (alphabetical list of residential phone numbers), and the other is the yellow pages (advertisements and phone numbers for businesses listed by categories). I know it’s 2007, and nobody uses a phone book anymore, but c’mon…


    noodles, “The New Orleans Phone Books Before & After Katrina”

    key words “before and after”

    Spac Demon

    Do you really think that the people in New Orleans still have phones?


    That’s why the book is so much smaller now, Spac Demon 😉

    Spac Demon

    “hmm lemme just look up Jaspers address here in the good ole phone book… ah yes here it is… 12421 UNDER THE FUCKING WATER road.”


    Only a small portion of New Orleans was affected by the flood, Spac Demon.

    Spac Demon

    yes I know… that was me being an ignorant american again.

    *continues watching Nascar*


    Your the type of person that other countries look at and think we are stupid. You fail. /wrists.

    Spac Demon

    Yup that’s me… worshiping Paris Hilton while listening to my iPod and eating Mcdonalds.



    lol, thats not the yellow pages, its the white pages that have mildewed after being throughly soaked.

    beep beep

    Casemods need to learn the difference between “your” and “you’re” before he can go on bashing other people’s stupidity.


    I know it says “before and after”, my point is that the yellow pages are always bigger than the white pages. Also, white pages in every city are shrinking due to people giving up their listed land-lines for cell phones.

    Point is…those phonebooks illustrate absolutely nothing about Katrina.


    noodles: if it is in fact fake, it’s still shows a point…


    I don’t think those are the yellow pages; I have a white pages that is a year old and is experiencing some yellowing. This book probably was exposed to water and urine and other shit.

    Yellow pages are a deeper yellow than that.


    Maybe its because they bussed them all to different cities and they’re not leaving.. Hint hint.


    True, natakumus, plus, you can see the white in the side of the book.


    But after taking all of everything that was said into consideration.

    That subtracts from teh phunneh.
    Hence; mass-fail.


    Yes, Kaze, I’m beginning to think the 9-11 pictures a better investment of time, although this was a nice break from offensive.


    who gives a shit…wow people you need to go out for a walk or something…see some sunshine…give it a break…