half life 2 promo poster


I still haven’t gotten to play this yet.  I heard the story sucked, so I just never got the motivation.

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    It matters not if one enjoys the story, the game is fantastic. I don’t play many video games because I simply don’t enjoy most of them. But I really loved this one. (And I thought the story was great. It was just over too soon)

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “Story sucked” is a weak complaint about video games. What’s the story for mario? or doom? or tetris? Has there every been a video game with a good story? If you want a story read a mutherfscking book.


    I like the picture where Gordon is beating the shit out of Master Chief.


    ‘The story sucks’ is a comment that can really apply to the first game. It’s basic plot was ‘you’re under attack, get out alive’.

    HL2 was an improvement over that idea in every way. If you haven’t played it yet I’d really recommend you give it a shot. Aside from the breathtaking graphic capability, the character involvement, portrayal, and actual setting of the game are all well above any par set before it came out.


    Mario’s story: Save the princess
    Doom’s story: Survive the monsters
    Tetris’s story: In Soviet Russia, quarters take games!

    And true, the story wasn’t all that great, but it was well worth it to hack the game and fire an ungodlike amount of rockets in rapid sequence. That and I’m all about the ragdoll physics.


    Hey reboot, there were stories to all of those.

    [b]Mario [/b]
    You are an Italian Plummer who is rescuing a princess so she doesn’t get raped by a giant alligator-man thing.

    [b]Doom [/b]
    Its the end of the human race as we know it. On the planet Mars, humans have created a rift to hell. The demons got to earth, and you have to travel through hell and back to kill Satan, who, is a giant painting of a goat on a wall that shoots skulls out of his forehead.

    [b]Tetris [/b]
    You are a block. You commit suicide with other suiciders by making a line. Whoo hoo.

    A video game with a good story? I can name about 15 right off the bat. So i think i will.

    [b]1. [/b] Final Fantasy VII
    [b]2. [/b] Doom III
    [b]3. [/b] Time splitters III
    [b]4. [/b] StarCraft I
    [b]5. [/b] Warcraft III
    [b]6. [/b] Diablo II
    [b]7. [/b] World Of Warcraft
    [b]8. [/b] Jak III
    [b]9. [/b] The entire Ratchet and Clank series, which includes about 6 games.
    [b]10. [/b] Resident Evil IV
    [b]11. [/b] Fallout
    [b]12. [/b] Age of Empires III
    [b]13. [/b] Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion
    [b]14. [/b] Grand Theft Auto III-V (I consider vice city 4 and San Andreas V)
    [b]15. [/b] Halo

    Disclaimer: This is not in any specific order. Also, I could have used other games from the other parts of the series, such as Final Fantasy I-XIII, the rest of the Elder Scrolls, and Halo II. But I didn’t. They are all excellent games with excellent storylines, and if i had used them, I could have gone over 35 games on that list.

    Sorry, you lost.


    God tittyfucking damnit. No HTML code here i guess.


    And yes, the story line, did for a fact suck.


    Metal Gear Solid had a great story; FFVII was the best FF… X sucked.

    tiki god


    html works fine You just have to actually USE html, and not bbcode, lol. try &lt b &gt and &lt /b &gt


    Oh my bad… i dont know these things. Can you edit my post to make it better?

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I guess it was predictable that someone would go post a bunch of “RPG”-type games and say “see, reboot, these all have good stories” and completely miss my point.
    None of those games have stories that would hold a candle to even a mediocre novel by, say Stephen King or Neil Stephenson. Most of them are direct rip-offs of novels and don’t even hide it.
    And that’s OK, you should play a game because its fun and not because it has or doesn’t have a story. I love video games, but I don’t kid myself about their literary value. That said, Half Life 2 was a ton of fun, even though the story did kind of suck.


    They are NOT all rpgs.

    There are RTS’, FPS’, and Platforming games.


    And to add to that, Games and Books use diffrent, in a very large way.

    Games: Audio-Visual
    Books: Code (I mean any random language being a code. It is.)


    “‘Story sucked’… tetris”
    “Tetris’s story: In Soviet Russia, quarters take games!”
    “You are a block. You commit suicide with other suiciders by making a line. Whoo hoo.”

    *Huddles into the fetal position and crys*

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