Angel wings


Disclaimer: I am an atheist, I just thought the pic was awesome.

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    Atheism is not believing in a god or deity. Angels are aggelos (koine)or malakh (hebrew) not theos (koine) or elohah (hebrew). Get your disbeliefs straight.

    Cool pic though.

    The more you know!


    you mean you can be athiest and still believe in angels? Doesnt the whole thing go part and parcel?


    Looks alot like Tyrreal off of Diablo 2 no?


    Who cares, angels are cool!


    Jeros: I do not care what your religious beliefs are. However, your use of English does concern me. What one implies (disbelief in angles) and what one states (disbelief in gods) is not always the same thing. One could IMPLY that atheism also includes disbelief in rivers (which are venerated in some religions, as angels are). Once again I must point out word meanings. Theism means: “the doctrine or belief in the existence of a God or gods” (from “theos” meaning: “god”). The word “religion” in not mentioned (in case you did not pick up on that). Learn to use… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    EvilDon wins that one with brain power. Evil brain power. I find it horny that in posting a picture of a light trick the poster felt the need to qualify that he didn’t believe in angels thus implying that in case anyone was wondering he doesn’t think that picture is a real angel? If you think that’s a real angel I know a guy in Nigeria who is heir to 2 billion and just needs some money for legal fees in order to get it out of the secure Swiss bank account where it is being held. I also have… Read more »


    Ah, I now understand the purpose of the disclaimer. You were not trying to be an idiot, you just wanted the idiots off your back. heh

    As to my river/angel thing, it was a hyperbole.

    And do I “think there is an organism with the traits of an angel behind the myths?” No. However, do know people who do…

    I just am a little fussy with words and how they are used. :/

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