You Are Free*


*Freedom is subject to terms and conditions.  “freedom” means the freedom we give you to do and say what we tell you.  “Free” means your choice to do or not to do what we tell you.  Freedom can be removed at any time.  Freedom is subject to availability.  Freedom is a privilege, not a right.  Freedom does not extend to events, beliefs and actions that are not condoned by us.  We will determine who is subject to Freedom.  Freedom is not free.  Freedom requires that there are people who are not free. Freedom can be impinged upon by those who gave you your Freedom and continue to keep you Free.  If it is determined that you perform or have ever performed any act, speech, or conversation that is deemed Unpatriotic, your Freedom will be immediately revoked.  We will determine what is Unpatriotic as we are the only ones who know what is good for you.  You are Free to do what we tell you.

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