Ultimate Comic Book Villian Line Up


Who would you pick for ultimate villian?  Of all time.  EVER.

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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I guess technically all of these characters have been in comic books, but only Doom is a ‘Comic Book Villian’.
    That said, my favorite comic book villians are the Brotherhood of Dada.


    I’d say that Mr. Burns is by far the most evil. Mmmmm open faced turkey sandwich…. I’m hungry…

    purple banana

    “Give me the open faced club- the sand wedge!”

    “Mmmm… Open-faced club sandwich…”

    I think that was what you were trying to say?


    It’s kind of comical how abysmally bad at there jobs Skelator and Cobra Commander were. Both were eventually usurped they were so bad… Serpentor and Horak.


    Also suck + gay = Mr. Burns.