Gotta Go! Low Altitude Ejection

I'm Outta Here!

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    I’ve always wanted to do that


    So. Anyone can identify what kind of plane this is?


    That’s an F16. Also a member of the Air Force Thunderbirds. Or at least it was until a few seconds after that moment.


    I’m guessing it was this accident…courtesy of Wikipedia… “September 14, 2003: 31-year-old Captain Chris Stricklin, flying Thunderbird #6 (opposing solo) failed to pull out of a dive but safely ejected at Mountain Home AFB in southwest Idaho. Stricklin miscalculated the altitude required to complete his opening maneuver, a ‘Split S’. The elevation of the airfield was about 1100 feet higher than the team’s home base at Nellis AFB. He climbed to an inadequate altitude of just 1670 feet above ground level, instead of 2500 feet, before initiating the pull-down dive of the Split S maneuver. Stricklin ejected when the rapidly… Read more »


    “Look mom, that plane is flying towards us! Hey, where’s the pilot?”

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