Star Destroyer On Approach


Not exactly something you want to wake up to, eh?

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    The Victory’s the only Star Destroyer that works in atmosphere, so I think I’d be OK waking up to that.


    You think it’s ok to wake up as the Empire invades your planet and destroy everything?


    Hepathos; The Empire rarely executes base Delta Zero One. After all the Galactic Empire understands that most worlds which fall under the sway of rebel terrorists are populated by a majority of law abiding Imperial citizens who are being held hostage. The Empire does not wantonly kill its citizens. Indeed Base Delta Zero has only been issued twice, once after the Battle of Mustafar after the Imperial Army, including the elite 501st had failed to capture control of an illegal war droid factory. The second time was to during that attack on the Hal Hutta system, specifically to attack the… Read more »


    But as you can see, the ship is above Theed, Naboo. The Emperor don’t really like that place, y’know.