Final Fantasy – The Spirts Within – New York Containment Field

God damn I loved this move.  sadly I seemed to be in the minority there.

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    minority!? – PSSSSSHT! I love it too, everyone else is the minority.


    Who didn’t love that movie?


    Movie kicked ass =D Where else do you see a company spending $7mill doing the CGI for one characters hair?


    I liked it too :3


    I loved it.


    I loved it too…My only complaint is thqt it shouldn’t have used the Final Fantasy name, as it had nothing to do with the games, and I felt a little cheated the first time I saw it. I watched it a few months later again, and fell in love with it.

    tiki god

    uh. have actually played any of the FF games? With the spirits, and the heroes dieing and ultimate downfalls of pompous villains?


    That movie was so sweet.

    I swear, at the start where it showed the lady looking at the spirits and stuff in her dream, my dad walked in and said “Who’s the babe?”

    Then it zoomed out and my dad realized it was CGI. We both had a great laugh.


    Movie rocked. Tiki your absolutely right. I’ve said the same thing to people.

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