The Pioneer Plaque

The Pioneer Plaque

This plaque was included on the Pioneer 10 & 11 unmanned spacecraft, the first man-made objects to leave our solar system. It’s supposed to show the figures of a man and a woman along with several symbols that are designed to provide information about the origin of the spacecraft.

I guess the first thing we want other alien species to know about us is that we walk around naked behind large shields to protect us from poorly drawn stars. Awesome.

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    Maybe its so when they try to invade us they’ll be undersupplied and unprepared.


    The ‘shield’ is a picture of the actual spacecraft viewed from the side; the ‘poorly drawn star’ is a map of earth relative to several major pulsars. Each line is the distance to each one. If you couldn’t tell, the bottom drawing is a schematic of all the planets around the sun–that the spacecraft is seen flying away from the third one from the inside is the pertinent piece of information. Finally, they’re naked because no one knows during which epoch the aliens (if they do) will find the spacecraft, so there’s no way to put clothing on them to… Read more »


    What fi the aliens are super advanced but very paranoid and they look liek us. they will be like “WTF WHOS DRAWING NUDE PICS OF US!?” and come kill us. We are doomed.


    could be.. lol.. don’t want them to know our trade secrets.. like wearing clothes..


    Just what we need, a whole bunch of aliens jerkin it to poorly drawn outlines of humans, who knows maybe all life evolves into the humanoid form. If this IS true, then Invariably it will fall into the backyard of some kids house. And much like a child perusing his first national geographic, he will touch himself, repeatedly. Eventually their version of Disney will produce a movie about the crazy nude aliens from afar (complete with music from Randy Newman – no not their version – they’ll outsource one of the “nude” aliens for realism), and generations of children will… Read more »


    science makes me soooooo horny!


    I always thought that the one race that will find this plate are using the waving hand as a sign of “We will invade your solar sistem and destroy everything”. Like the dove in ‘Mars Attack!’.


    Risky business there. Say an alien did find it? Well, interpreting images is difficult. I’m volunteering at an ESL place while I’m in uni, and there’s a certain teacher that teaches people who know no English whatsoever, mostly refugees. Some of these people, from the Sahara mainly, have no ability to see 2D images. All they see is randomness which, unless told, they don’t know was created by any person – this includes drawings and photographs alike. Visually interpreting pictures is a learnt skill, but we don’t realize it because most of us learn from such a very young age.… Read more »


    Sorry, by no English whatsoever, I meant no English and no literacy. Mainly people from huts in the middle of the desert who had to run off when people started randomly chasing them with guns.


    The likelihood of our species meeting another humanoid species even at all similar to ours is highly unlikely. I’m talking like, one in a googol.

    Our species has adapted itself to what we have. Considering we are the currently only planet known to contain active life anywhere in the universe and the special events that make our planet life-sustaining, any other planet is bound to be different, and thus have different lifeforms.


    Actually the likelyhood of an alien being similar to us is very high. There are basic things that a create evolved enough to build spacecrafts needs. a) Large enough and strong enough to work with tools and move heavy objects (no 1′ tall people), yet small enough not to desolate the planets food supplies (no 50′ people). b) A brain large enough and complex enough for sophisticated thought. c) Opposable thumbs and dexterous fingers. You cant build spacecraft without them! d) Eyes and ears. You have to be able to see what you are doing, and hear for communication. Other… Read more »


    I belive that most advanced alien lifeform that we could discover will be an insectoid form.
    Insect have higher evolutional potential, being more damaged resistant, can work as collective mind, and capable of adapt to new living spaces.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    The probability of intelligent life is anywhere else in the universe is damn near zero. Go read Rare Earth. I saw Donald Brownlee, in a panel discussion at an ASAP conference a few years ago, debate three SETI researchers (including Jill Tartar, the woman “Contact” is based on) and Dr. Brownlee won the debate hands-down. There is basically no scientific reason to believe there is intelligent life out there and a lot of evidence that its unlikely.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    oops, I meant to say ASP conference, as in Astronomy Society of the Pacific.
    And SETI=Search of Extraterrestrial Intelligence


    This is even confusing for me!