In Soviet Russia, English Learns You!


The dude’s wearing a shirt that says “I fucked your boyfriend”

Also, she’s fucking fuck.  I mean hot.  yeah, she’s fucking hot.  fuck I need a gf.

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    maybe in soviet russia boyfriends are bi?


    FIRST COMMENT EVER! Had to put my two cents in.

    Since we are all speculating here…

    Maybe that is not her boyfriend, but someone else’s boyfriend. She took that picture to get back at his girl. See the victory look she has, and the famous fist pump!!! That is a “I’m totally gonna beat Matt Damon at Golf” Fist Pump!!!!

    She won. That makes it even better. Love that type of drama. 😛


    Maybe instead of a girlfriend you need a Russian mail order bride.


    That fist and smile makes her look like a super villain (making the guy look like her goon).

    “Nah-ha James Bond! I fucked your boyfriend!”



    But….the GUY is wearing the shirt…. And she’s all happy about it. So, if they’re bf gf….and he’s fucking someone’s boyfriend…. uh….


    No, it is obviously her plot. The guy is a stooge, and she just wanted hot TEH SEX REVENGE! She totally made him wear that shirt. She took the picture. Guy probably doesn’t even care. He tap’d that. He is happy, he will wear the shirt and won’t even think twice what is written on it. This is my world! My delusions are sound!

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