Television Vampire


someone mentioned a TV show somewhere on MCS, and I did an image search, and now I can’t remember where this chick vampire is from.  Ideas?

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    Hmm… with her back bent as backwards as it is, I don’t think she’s doing anything aside from looking threatening. If she was really going to attack, she’d have her back arched forwards so her center-of-gravity would be in front of her legs.

    Right now she’s trying to look scary yet alluring, and failing at both.


    Shes not a Buffyverse vamp, maybe the blade series?


    I think that’s from the Dresden Files, on SciFi. Cool urban fantasy series about the only wizard in the Chicago phone book. Based on books, of course.


    Dresden Files is awesome! I think you are right about it being from that show.


    I think that’s actually Lucy Liu? I saw an ad in a movie theater for DVD where she played a vamp that looked kinda like that. can’t remember the name though