Ultimate Suckage

Fucking christ was it horrible…
Remember the little wind up toy bomb scene?! The Fungus?! Koopa hit-men/body gaurds?

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    Frank McColbert

    I liked it.



    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Bob Hoskins was once a witness at an English mobster/hitman’s trial and the guy was released based on Mr. Hoskins testimony. True story.

    Then the mob guy went and railed some royalty.

    Bob Hoskins went on to do this.

    If you ever have the choice of being a mob enforcer or an actor I think the choice is clear.


    Heh, ultimate suckage? check this out tiki: www.destructoid.com/why-the-super-mario-movie-is-an-underappreciated-masterpiece-29694.phtml

    “Why the Super Mario Movie is an underappreciated masterpiece” 🙂