I has teh power (masters of the universe movie poster)


Frank Langella brought the house down with his performance as Skeletor IMO.

Heman: “You said you wouldn’t hurt them!”

Skeletor: “I lied.

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    He-man or something?

    Best thing ever.
    When i was about 8, at one of my baseball games (i was a hardcore ass kicker, of course. But my team must have wanted to be crowned the we suck on dicks award.) i found a pair of he-man toy sunglasses. Cool, eh?


    by the power of grey skull


    I have this movie. Director admits he was really limited due to budget issues, there was no floating black mage, no mutant cat, no Prince Adam (he was always He-Man) and it was mostly on Earth. Oh, and it was weird seeing an attractive Courtney Cox.