Benoit – “A True Family Man”


So I get home the other day and my roommate is watching a tribute program for this guy.  The announcers are gushing about how much he loved his family, and how proud they were of the way he raised his kids, and then they started crying into each other’s shoulder.

Today I find out that that they omited the small fact that he had choked his wife to death, and then murdered his son, and not being able to man up to what he did, he took the cowards way out and hung himself with his own workout equipment.

Yeah, family man.

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    lol wut?


    They only found out it was a double murder-suicide today.


    he has double murder-suicide written all over him!


    There was a bit on CNN where some expert was talking about how this was caused by “Roid rage.” The person doing the interview actually threw him for a loop because she asked: “But aren’t those rages characterized by random violent outbursts and then a quick return to control?”

    The “expert” conceded: “That’s correct yes.”

    “Then how do you explain the methodical nature to which he implemented these murders and then made communications (Text messages) to certain people about?”

    The guy started back peddling pretty fast.


    This pissed me off. Benoit was actually a favorite of mine, and I teared up during the Monday tribute. To find out what he did, and how, absolutely disgusts me.

    tiki god

    I think I missed that part neuromancer from what I heard, he freaked the fuck out and snapped that bitches his wife’s neck like it weren’t no thang. And then after he was done desecrating her body, he realized that he had fucked up, and because he was a family man, he knew that this might affect his child, so he put him out of his misery.

    Sounds like roid rage followed up with christian morality.


    According to the Associated Press’s story, his wife was likely killed on Friday and his son either on Saturday or Sunday. He supposedly told people that they were sick from food poisoning before offing himself. On the national news last night (I think it was CBS Evening News) they said that few years ago his wife had a restraining order against him for committing violent acts against his family.
    It’s sad, no matter what the underlying cause.


    Like all good news, I first learned off a sign that said “Rip Benoit” that was held up in the audience. Much similar to my actual knowledge of the outside world I said to myself “Huh, he’s dead now, eh?”, shrugged, and went back to what I was doing.

    Alec Dalek

    I used to be a fan of Benoit, but now I know he was a total LOSER!


    That sounds about right Tiki. Snapping his wifes neck definitely could be the Roid Rage. But then he turns out to be a total fucking coward and offs his kid and himself because he can’t handle his drugs. It might be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.


    Actually he has a past of violence against his wife. Every time she tried to escape he beat her into reality that she was his bitch.

    At least his other 2 kids were not around.

    K for Kris

    Everyone always talks about road rage for this.

    Did anyone stop to think that this guy was just a fucking nutjob??