Pentagon attack – 9-11

6 frame pentagon attack

Looks pretty real to me. Show me something else that didn’t get hit with a 747, and then edit a 747 in there and make it look real and you can say that it’s edited.

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    Alec Dalek

    Yes, but are there any passengers in that plane? And are they wearing their Tin Foil Hats?


    There are passengers, can’t you see? See that one pixel that’s just darker than the rest? That’s a passenger.


    This video is bullshit. Somebody has taken the orginal Pentagon video and shopped an image of a plane into those 2 frames. Just google Pentagon Attack Video to see the real thing; the plane hitting the Pentagon is moving way to fast for teh camera to catch any detail.


    Oh, that’s no fun..


    Here’s a thought… Just a little one, mind you.
    If one plane could do the damage that we saw at the Twin Towers (which it didn’t)…. then wouldn’t a similar plane do considerably more damage to the Pentagon?

    Just asking… Somebody needs to start thinking.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Do you have have any idea how massive the Pentagon is? Sure its not a tall structure, but its the largest office building in the world and it was built to military spec. And the plane still did considerable damage.
    I’m no fan of the Bush administration or government in general, but the conspiracy ‘theorists’ are the one that don’t think.


    The plane did more damage to the towers due to the heat of the fire, causing the building to crumble, and fall. It did LESS damage to the pentagon, because the pentagon building is of higher surface area, and is wider, and fatter. Think of it this way: You have a bbgun. Jenga has 54 blocks. When stacked 3 wide, it would be 18 blocks high. Now, which would your bbgun do more damage to? A structure that is 3 blocks wide, and 18 blocks high, or one with 18 blocks wide, and 3 blocks high? The name of the… Read more »


    The Pentagon had less damage because it was undergoing rehab, too. If you look at an aerial view, you can see that each side of the Pentagon has five wings (inner to outer). The side that was hit had just been beefed up with security concrete walls inbetween each wing. If they hadn’t had that done, the plane probably would’ve punched through the whole building instead of just 3 wings.


    Well, it wasn’t a 747, but there are bigger things to point out. Like what kind of a moron thinks that 9/11 didn’t happen.


    It didn’t, according to bush, it was invented by the gays as a byproduct of them aborting their invisible anti-jesus babies.


    No one non-violently hates americans more than me, but I’ve gotta say, they’re not stupid or smart enough to carry out a massive 9-11 conspiracy. And what’s all this shit about a president “needing” terrorism to go to war? Did Clinton need a 9-11 for the Balkans? Did Bush the First for Iraq pt. 1? Did Reagan for Nicaragua? Thatcher for those useless rocks? Kennedy and Johnson for Vietnam? Truman for Korea? Fuck no. For the US to start a war in a distant, backwards country, the pres can use any excuse at all and most of the red states… Read more »


    If by useless rocks you mean the Falklands, you are aware that the Argentinians invaded them, right?


    iT HAPPENED…no one will ever beleive the whole story…
    The administration covertly helped it along.
    The proof and BS is stagerring…
    You will spend the next fifty years arguing about it and let them screw up your economy and environement. They’re still arguing about JFK, MM and Hoffa…
    Job Accomplished !


    Because that plane in the video hits the ground first. Have you seen the pristine Pentagon lawn after the “crash”??? not a scratch on it.


    heat of the fire, crumbles a building, he says!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA that’s BULLSHIT!

    That would be the first…and second…in history. on the same day, within minutes of each other. YOU need to start thinking.


    The reason the Twin Towers fell is because of it’s structural steel frame. Typically in skyscraper building, a steel grid is built that laces the entire structure together and the elevator shaft acts as a spine. In the case of the Twin Towers, in order to create office room that high up, internal steel framing was taken out and substitued with external steel frame (the prominant vertical lines on the outside of the buildings). When the planes entered the towers, they effectively removed the steel that was holding the upper part of the building up. Imagine a Jenga tower, remove… Read more »