Heroes Promo Shot


So I hear that they got picked up for a second season. Let’s hope that they can do a little better than season one.

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    Just because someone else is going to say it i’ll say it first.. “THAN season one.” 😛 Sorry.


    iunno.. thought they did pretty good in Season 1..

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    If all of the ‘apparently dead’ characters stay permenantly dead, then season two should be awesome.

    tiki god

    psh kero, you tried correcting someone with the power of the edit!

    and yeah, season 1 was ok, except for hiro’s story which was good, except for it taking him 3/4th of the season to his ass to NYC. For fuck’s sake, he’s a teleporter.


    good picture. looking to the left a while, and thinking “hmmm, maybe i shud try beeing a homo it cant be that bad^^”, and then shifting my eyes to the right, an forgetting all about the buttsheks.

    I think this must be what the photogapher intended.


    The season was a fun ride, but the finale was the usual open-ended, line-it-up-for-next-year BS that’s all too common these days.


    Better than Season One?
    Are you effing stoned????

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