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Anyone else find this girl sexier then the original girl?

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    lol, shes kidna… uh… how do i put this… “Id rather not”… lol


    Oh, she could definitely get some. Love the curves.


    >Anyone else find this girl sexier then the original girl?


    beep beep

    I do. And I am a female.
    I do wish her boobs were a little bigger, but the rest of her is fiiiine.


    she is photoshopped, and no


    Hell yes!

    purple banana

    Definately- curvy is beautiful! Stick thin is BORING.


    Yum yum yum…

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Is that supposed to be ironic?

    She’s a fatass.

    That’s not fit. And retreating to the stick thin bullshit is well….bullshit. There’s such a thing as fit. But it takes effort and discipline and most cunts don’t have it do they divert with this ying vs. yang debate. Too thin sucks and fat sucks. Get your tubby ass on the treadmill and even hit the bench. Get some tone and shut the fuck up.

    Nay on the fat fucking pig shown above.


    I wouldn’t call her a fat fucking pig, but she is definitely a little too plus size for me; of course, I weigh like 120 pounds 🙁




    No, but that’s because she’s ‘shopped. Her head is waaay too small.
    But damnit, stop with the fat hating. Thin does not automatically mean healthy. I know people that are this girl’s size and can outrun many a skinny bitch.


    Don’t mind Magnus – he’s just a hate-fuelled cuntbag.


    I’d hit it, and make it call me Magnus.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    thanks for not reading anyone elses comments bob.


    Don’t mind dexX, he works for Hostess and fat chicks pay his bills.

    btw: outrun bob? Do you ‘know’ these girls you’re talking about or are you hunting them?


    The key attractiveness?

    She’s a real person.


    “Anyone else find this girl sexier then the original girl?”
    Whos that?

    The Lawnmower

    The curvy and thin girls are the best.


    omg, someone on the internet called me an asshole 🙁

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Sarcasm: When a retard tries to sound clever.


    *shudders* She has bingo wing bus driver arms, and neck fat, haha. I agree with magnus, too skiny and too fat are both bad. And there are “real” girls that are fit and skinnier than her and fit. Back in highschool a few years ago, about 75% of the ones i went to school with were fit and attractive.

    I wouldn’t hit it. All these fat-kid computer geeks get up in arms when weight issues fly. I’m sorry i’m not super fit, but i’ma lot closer than most people today and not just us Americans, its the whole world. Well, except those Ethiopians.


    “that are fit and skinnier than her and fit.”

    lol Nice.

    I think she looks just fine, bit weightier than I’d prefer but you shouldn’t put to much into how they look on the outside and all that crap.

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