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tiki god

I just noticed that the captain’s chair is too tall for the captain.

how tall is scott bakula anyways?


“Oh, boy.” Scott Bakula Height 1.63M (6′) Born: October 9, 1954 in St. Louis, Missouri. The surname “Bakula” is common in Croatia, and means “flower” in Hindi (a common language of India).


Fucking shudder. That show destroyed Star Trek in every way by its Def Leopard soundtrack alone.


Oh, sorry, I just looked it up. It was actually a hair-metal cover of a Rod Steward song written especially for Patch Adams. What an exciting and appropriate new audience they introduced to Star Trek with that one.


it wasn’t THAT bad until the NAZI-time-travel-aliens cam along. i knew star trek was dead the moment that thing was on air.


Is it just me, or is the guy on the far right, in the non-uniform grey shirt, the same guy that played Neelix on Vowager?

It would be a weird correlation that he was on both shows that really ripped the life out of the Star Trek franchise.

The Lawnmower

No, it’s not the same actor.

tiki god

Thank you bender that’s right when I stopped watching. I’ve seen enough time traveling, OMG NAZIS tv episodes to know that’s the death kneel of any series.


I stopped watching right after that first episode when they showed the Vulcan chick’s pokies jutting from her tank top in the decontamination unit or whatever the hell that thing was. Either way, it was an excuse to get some nipple action into a Star Trek franchise and—though they were very fine pokies indeed—it was too blatantly pandering to geeks; I had to turn away, so as not to see the suck coming at me.


But you guys missed later season 4, absolutely superb writing. Two mirror universe episodes, no crossing over, and no fucking Ferengi’s to ruin the otherwise greatest that is the Terran Empire.