A cure for being Asian.


Are you Asian, and don’t want to be?
There’s hope for change.
Pray the Asian away!
Begone foul genes.

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    beep beep

    Here is what Truth Ministry says about this: “A photo of our Greenville billboard has recently been doctored by someone and posted on a national website. It is now being distributed around the country. It now reads: “Are you Asian and don’t want to be?” The words above the doctored billboard say that this is a parody. I understand the meaning behind the parody. It is to imply that homosexuals do not choose to be gay any more than do Asians choose to be Asian. To this point I would almost agree. No one chooses to have same-sex attractions. If… Read more »


    That has to be shopped….



    Yeah, their official position is “Substitute the word “Asian” with “Queer”.


    Official quote:

    “Our desire is to shed light on the complicated issue of homosexuality. We hope that you will find comfort and guidance through this ministry by a personal relationship with Jesus Christ”

    homosexulality + comfort + guidance + PERSONAL relation with Jesus… Holy shit this is weird, do they want gay people to… enter personal relation with Jesus? That… is… SEXY!


    If you were gay, and didn’t want to be, wouldn’t that be butt rape?


    lol passing, that reminds me of that movie C.R.A.Z.Y., when he said something like, ‘Some long-hair, in a robe, hanging out with twelve guys all day, all told to us by some guy who’s never touched a girl’.


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