I’m bored, drunk and ready to chat

ok so it’s wednesday, right? fucking IM me already.  AIM : YOURCOOLESTFAN
Also, did you know that then you click on the google links, MCS makes money? IT’S TRUE! that’s the only way that MCS stays up and running. and for the last month? Not making money.

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    sign on msn!


    There should be a MCS chatroom.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    grab pigdin and u can go on aim and msn or anything else at the same time.


    sounds like those god awful late night “text HOT to chat with live girls!” commercials… or maybe tiki wants to try one?


    isn’t it illegal to ask for clicks? : )



    But you also make moneh with the project wonderful, don’tcha? I’d been advertizing on their for months now.


    Hey, drunk and looking to talk. What wup?

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