Lower Your Inhibitions with Pot & Pay the Price


Raise your hand if you get high and want to fuck.  Seriously.  Physical activity while high?  Highly doubtful!

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    I think the advert means that She is less likly to say ‘no’.

    tiki god

    Date rape FTW?


    FTW, FTL, it all depends on ‘your certain point of view’, as Obi Wan would say.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    What makes you think she this add has to do with sex? I think she lowered her inhibitions and got a terrible haircut.


    “if you get high and cant say no; PAY THE PRICE! its YOUR FAULT!

    (and getting pregnant and stuff is really bad)”

    these kinda things are so much fun its like the message from the national security thingies


    I say she’s sitting on the toilet, aka ‘pot’, and she’s lowering her inhibitions by taking a wicked crap, effectively preparing herself for buttsex with EvilDon.


    Thanks for that thought Kaze. But…

    (1) I don’t know where She has been. (Though, My guess is all of Her high school’s sports teams)

    (2) That hair cut REALLY ruins it for me.

    (3) Baby crying would be a huge distraction. Therefore, I would need duck tape, at LEAST for the baby.


    Five-star hoorays for easy high chicks!


    Is that Anna Nicole Smith?


    No, it’s Avril Lavigne.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    They should have one that reads lower your standards with booze and pay the price and have the chick be fat and nasty and the kid half black.

    Seriously that ad basically says you can rail on a hot blonde if you get her to smoke some weed. Then you can sell your baby and buy more weed.

    That’s an A+ number 1 business model right there kids.


    ehh… I still say that’s the “Must hold in diarrhea” face.


    Weed makes some people horny.


    Well, Christ, if she didn’t want a baby, she could have always got an abortion.

    Tyler Durden

    Nice fuck trophy. If a chick has a kid, that means she totally puts out.


    Then how come she’s looking at me with that “there’s not enough weed in the world” look? 🙁


    I had sex high once, I wouldn’t recommend it. All I did was giggle and I couldn’t really tell what was going on, and that made me giggle more too.

    Yeah, she has a crap haircut, but tie it back into pigtails and you’ve got a perfect set of handlebars. \o/

    Howie Feltersnatch

    See? If you hadn’t spent all your money on pot, you could get the bitch an abortion. Now, it’s too late to even punch her in the stomach.


    Proof that weed disrupts rational thinking. If you weren’t high all the fucking time you’d have thought to “help” her down the stairs.


    With a face like that I wouldn’t touch her with a 23ft pole!


    ♫Your a mean one, you used to be hot! ♪
    ♫You smoked… all… my pot! ♪
    ♫You couldn’t those legs closed ♫
    ♫and now your just a stupid hoe ♪
    ♫Fucking Biiiii-ITCH! ♪

    ♫I wouldn’t touch you with a twenty-three and a half foot pole!♫


    Forgot – tune is from the The Grinch who stole Christmas.

    Thanks for the idea Zeehond!


    Why didn’t anyone tell me girls can only get pregnant if they’re high? I’m buying my mom a bag next mother’s day.

    p.s. the pole is 39.5ft


    Yes Klugman I conceed that it is a 39.5ft pole. But it was the nod to Zeehond’s post for the idea of the lyric rewrite. :\