Charles Xavier


Quick!  How did he end up in a wheel chair?

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    which time? Lucifer dropped a big rock on him originally, but he’s gained new bodies and has been paralyzed again not quite as often as Magneto “dies”. Didn’t Xorn paralyze him the last time?


    Lucifer+big rock=crippled telepath. Sage (Tessa of the Hellfire club) rescued Him. And I think that in the cartoon, He was crippled in an unnamed war (according to the comic Xavier fought in Korea).


    One version is that lucifer dropped a boulder on him. I think another version is that Magneto shot a steel rod through his spine.


    Xorn “healed” the Proff. But Xorn was Magneto. “Xorn” used little sentinals to hold Xavier’s spine together, but eventually stopped holding His spine together. So, does it mean that Xorn crippeld Him(the last time)? I DON’T KNOW!!!


    The steel rod thing is from the “Ultimate” comic series.


    i think the shi-ar healed him once, then a building fell on him. or maybe the building fell on him first…on m-day he lost his powers but gained the use of his legs, then after being thrown into the mkraan crystal gained his powers but lost use of his legs i think.


    He was trampled by a horse.


    My head hurts when thinking of these story lines. Were they dead? How dead? Faking Death? No,it was a clone? Vacation on other planet? Brought back to life? Brought from other universe? Brought me a cheeseburger?

    i quit


    He was using the wheelchair for one week to recover his parking space (coz a cripple take it from him for being a cripple), but he got used to it.

    And he chokes on vicodin every then and now.


    jormanks : I watched that episode literally yesterday 😀


    He isn’t cripple, he’s just lazy

    tiki god

    Wow. I had no clue that there were so many instances of him being crippled and then healed, killed and then resurrected. I know that for a while he used a suit from the Shi-ar that let him walk around, but he sent it to the wrong cleaners, and they totally fucking used starch when he SPECIFICALLY TOLD THEM NOT TO.