Pissed Off Magneto

Pissed Off Magneto

One of my fav’s of Magneto. Two of these guys should be easy.. but I can’t remember if Captain America’s shield is metal…?

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    It would seem Wolverine would be the worst for Magneto. Seeing as how Logan is the one that killed Him. Cap’s shield is made of Vibranium (metal). And didn’t IM have some non-metallic armour?


    Magneto has died how many times in the last 50 years? 20? 25? 30? He dies almost once a year. Pretty impressive, actually.


    Magneto is my favorite Villan! He can take a small partical of any metalic substance and just will it thru your skull and BAM your dead. And all three of those Heros main wepeons are metal, easy kills.

    tiki god

    iirc, cap’s shield is made out of a mixture of vibranium and adamantium


    Yeah, I guess about everyone dies and comes back in X-men. Though, I can not remember many times, if any, where Magneto ‘actually died’ and was not just ‘assumed dead’, or something like that. I looked it up and Logan did not kill Magneto but only paralized Him… But come on, Magneto once ripped out Logan’s skeleton and Logan still healed up just fine, without any weird plot lines, like: clones, or alien intervention. Logan is a match for about anyone, even Magneto. Though, perhaps, not by Himself (someone must distract Magneto whilst Logan stabs Him). As for Iron Man… Read more »


    Cap’s shield is an unknown vibranium-steel alloy. Adamantium was invented while trying to duplicate it.

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