Sausage Car


wow.  so many sausages, so little time.

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    Sweet Zombie Jesus!

    It’s Stinky Wizzleteats!


    i wonder if this car was part of a sausage fest.
    u kno what i mean.


    Nobody knows of Stinky wizzleteats?


    Crap. I was going to put a link on that.. but apparently nobody DOES know of him. He was a character on Ren and Stimpy, and I had an old casette from the 80’s with him singing revamped christmas carols along the tune of:

    “… he comes a hurlin’ with his souped up sausage cart.
    With a great big bag of prechewed gum, and a hub-cap ‘ore his heart.

    We wolf down meat by-products, and choke down prechewed gum,
    Good ‘ole stinky wizzleteats, he always brings us some.”