Fantastic Four – Rise of The Silver Surfer – Fantasticar


oh fuck yes, they have the fantasti-car in the movie.

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    Go product placement!


    It says in Wikipedia:
    The Fantasti-Car, a flying car, is an invention of Reed Richards and is used by his family and teammates, the Fantastic Four.

    Family? Drive the kids and destroy bad guys on the way to soccer practice?


    Must… See… Movie!! I know almost EVERYONE hates the first F4 movie but I liked it.


    This has to be the absolute worst name ever. You would think someone would say ‘Holy shit. The silver SURFER. Holy shit were dumbasses. Lets change it to something less fucking dumbass sucking.’

    The silver SURFER. Sereously. How can you deprive anything good from putting surfer in a movie name, when its not a surfing movie. People need to be castrated for this mishap.

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