Transformers Movie Wallpaper


You might not be able to tell from this shot, but the dude that isn’t optimus?  yeah, him.  he’s roller blading.  for reals, robots on skates!

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    ” Sense – This picture makes none. ”

    I guess its better then running suparobots. I guess im not american enuf for this Transformers thing?


    Transformers know no political boundaries. Go see the movie. You’ll like it, or Tiki will refund your ticket price.


    Oh come on. THe movie cant be that bad. ITS ROBOTS. IN THE SKY. MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE. DECEPTICONS! BOO YA.


    I may catch this movie once it’s a part of TBS’s weekend double-header.

    I predict a “Godzilla” quality film.


    You guys think we will get to see some Go-Bots released again or at least a cheep knock version of toy for this newly reinstated interest in the lineup?


    I predict “Battle bots” meets “Jango Fett”.


    I want it to be good, but usually when I think its going to be crappy I end up wanting to spoon out my eyes by the end of the movie. As for the changes to the robots’ appearance. Eh it could be worse. I work with robots. Many look a bit half-assed depending on the research budget. Transformers is why I wanted to end up working with robots, so I’ll see the movie out of fan loyalty but I’m still bringing a spoon in case its MST3K material.


    This is going to be the worst mecha movie adaptation since that emo furry bastardization of Escaflowne.

    Jesus Christ, mecha movies suck. The only one I can think of that didn’t crash and burn was Patlabor II, and that had all but 30 seconds of the mech stuff written out.