Cosplayer Burnination

All of you that post here pretty much agree 99% of all cosplayers look like shit. But if the character your cosplaying is already drawn like shit…

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    Howie Feltersnatch

    Is that a scrotum peeking out from the centerline of the costume?

    PS, shouldn’t the doggie dildo picture be behind a cut?


    what is that flap of sink pokeing out it looks like a ball sack? lol, it looks grose.

    Jesus Christ

    Yeah, he looks real good with the arm comin’ out of his neck right there. -pokes her monitor with a pencil at the arm-


    Costume sucks, everyone knows Trogdor is supposed to be a wingaling dragon…


    I love the eyes and angry eyebrow. Trogdor is lame.


    I think that’s an elbow, not a scrotum. Damn.

    Tyler Durden

    Burninating the Comicon! Burninating the Dragon*con!