Sonic And Knucles Wallpaper


This game is what killed the Sega Genesis for me.   I guess I got to the age, and experienced enough side scrollers to realize that they really only end in one thing: MADNESS.  Or bunnies jumping out of robots made by a giant egg man.

Or are those the same things?

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    Odd. For me this was the best of the sonic series. Sonic 3 was good also.


    I also think that Sonic 3 and Knuckles were the best ones of the series.. Adventure was okay, but not as fun as i remember the old ones..


    I believe it is the pinnacle of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The way that it doubled the game, allowing you to play through twice the levels with any of the characters. Seriously it has to be one of the best. It definitely has one of the most original concepts for an add-on…literally. Something we won’t ever see again, unfortunately.


    I rather liked this game, though, along with Sonic 2 and 3. This really brings back memories of the Megadrive.

    I was even stupid enough to buy one of those game gears so I could play Sonic 1 wherever I went. The batteries only lasted 15 seconds, unfortunately.