Cooldent Poison Toothpaste


Seriously.  Why would you purchase such an item?  Is Colgate too much for your pocket book?

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    does it make me a bad person if i happen to have 2 used and 2 half full tubes of cooldent in my bathroom lol.


    actualy i googled it and i laughed

    Cooldent toothpaste
    1>can prevent teeth
    2>effective whiten teeth

    cause we all dont want teeth, what do we use them fo anyways?

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    FYI: People on food stamps get about $20 per person per week. When that’s your budget, yeah $3-$4 dollars for a tube of toothpaste is too much for your pocketbook. Is there anything wrong with cooldent? I don’t see why you call it poison.


    he was refering to fluoride being posion. i dont got cancer, and i ahve been useing it for a while now :P, maybe i should stop

    tiki god

    no, actually I was referring to the POISON in cooldent. It’s one of the products from china that’s been confirmed to be tainted with diethylene glycol which is used in antifreeze solutions. So yeah, go use your cooldent Cargen, hopefully you won’t die.

    also, reboot, I’m not sure where you’re at, but here in Florida, if you’re on welfare, you’re taken care of pretty well, with all the food, hygiene items, clothing, and various other items that you get for free or massively reduced prices.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I see, without any context it seemed like you were just making fun of people who buy generic brands. BTW, $3 a day appears to be the national average for food stamps, but it does vary a lot from state to state.

    tiki god

    Without context? How did you miss out on the fact that china’s poisoning our food, hygiene and motor products? You know they’ve actually executed people over this fuck up. I hope to god you don’t have any pets, cause they’re more then likely already eaten some of the food that’s been fubar’d.

    Also, if you’re on food stamps, they’re certainly aren’t the only thing that you’re using for sustenance. So that $3 a day is a misleading number, even if it’s true.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    No need to shout. A picture of toothpaste between a hot babe and Stan Lee doesn’t have any context. I guess, this hasn’t been big news in other parts of the country, such as here in WA, since the contanminated product was found in Miami. It hasn’t been of the front page of bbc, cnn or google news. Nobody’s died from it (yet). And I’m glad that you and everyone you know has lots of money for food, but there are some people who need to save money anyway they can. $20 a week as my grocery budget for the… Read more »

    tiki god

    it’s been on the front page of all the major news agencies, on every evening news program repeatedly, and even on clear channel radio. So unless you’ve been living under a rock….


    But the diethylene glycol gives my mouth that tingly feeling so I know it’s working.


    My invisible cat ate some of that tainted pet food, now I can’t find her.

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