Venom From Spider-Man Movie


at least I think it’s from the movie

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    I don’t remember seeing the logo on his suit in the movie. Can anyone confirm/deny this?


    I don’t think it’s from the movie either… dang.

    Tyler Durden

    No, that wasn’t from the movie. That’s how he SHOULD HAVE looked, but unfortunately not.


    Unfortunately, some fucker thought it would be nice to cast Topher Grace as venom. I mean, why the fuck Topher Grace?!?!?! Nobody respects that wimp, they should have casted someone who would actually inspire awe and terror and have real muscles, like Lou Ferrigno, or a younger version of Lou.


    Topher Grace… could have played Kasady. But they needed some swole motherfucker playin Brock.

    Worst… movie… ever.


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