Hitler Will Send No Warning – so always carry your gas mask


I really do like this poster.  Anyone know where I can buy one?  I hit up ebay and got no results, and all google seems to have is pictures of the originals, which aren’t up for sale.  I just want a reproduction.

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    Jesus Christ

    Tiki, clicky. I must get one too!

    And because it reminded me of it, clickty-click.


    you can make your own poster and buy it from one of thouse create your own poster sites 😛


    Yep. Germans were the first to create nerve gas. There was poisonous gas before, like phosgene and chlorine, but the Germans were the first to make an actual nerve agent. I think it was created in 1938.


    Awesome poster!!


    Fact check for the win. I was close, 1936, with Tabun.

    dave redstone

    i have original ww2 posters for sale offers are welcome contact me on 01275833861

  • Here's a few awesome images!