The hole left by the Dark Ages.

The hole left by the dark ages.

So i hear this might be a controversial topic.

And yes, I would like to live on Mars by now!

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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    This is graph is eurocentric BS that completely ignores the scientific contributions of the non-Western societies.


    the non-western societies which were unfortunately conquered by the british empire..?

    Not that i love this picture either, just saying..


    oh, i forgot to mention the others, like the dutch, and spanish etc..

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    East of Europe?

    You mean where Borat is from? Because that’s all that has ever come from anywhere east of Europe.

    Unless you’re talking about asia. All they’ve really invented is the sideways vagina and XXXS condom.

    Everyone knows England is the backbone is modern civilization and while some pay purport that the sun set on the British Empire do you really think they would give all that back? What’s the economic center of the world? London.

    England is responsible for all the modern achievements of mankind.

    I’m not even English btw.


    Remember… this isn’t really a “graph” so much as an illustration. Watching Fox News should tell you that just because they have the little tick marks on the independent variable doesn’t mean it’s scientific data.

    (This “graph” has none)

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Arabs and Chinese were very active in science during the so-called dark ages and discovered a few things like:
    Eyeglasses (optics in general)
    They may have been defeated militarily, but that doesn’t discredit their intellectual contributions. The ideas gradually made their way to Europe and ignited the renaissance. My point is that there is no time in history where scientific progress was ‘flat’.


    That is as credible as anything said by Paris Hilton. And the correct term is ROMAN-CATHOLIC. Christianity started with the Reformation.


    Galileo: I predict the Earth goes around the sun.
    Inquisition: Fuck off. Guards, put him under house arrest for 20 years.


    lol, wow, this is why you should never sell tickets to heven.

    as a cristian i can only think how pissed god was at this time.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Didn’t Christianity start with…Christ?
    Roman Catholicism doesn’t even start until the 1st Council of Nicaea, 325 CE.


    Dude, if their leaders hadn’t randomly died the Mongols woulda had it all 😛

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Galileo was born in the 16th century, NOT the Dark Ages

    Are you saying that you tried to practice medicine in the middle ages? Many major univesities, like Oxford, were founded in the middles ages and certainly taught medicine.

    In general: if your only knowledge of the middle ages comes from Monty Python, you’re not in a position to condem their supposed ignorance.


    I get really pissed off when people try to turn anything like this racial… FUCK off both sides of you idiots. Oh it’s eurocentric…yeah well Europe is all smart man. BOTH OF YOU SHUT UP…science does not have a race. Repeat that five times and then focus on something other than skin colour. I really don’t think that Einstien was compelled to reveal the nature of space/time as a trohpy to be vaunted by white supremacists…or as something to be reviled by non-whites recalcitrants…guess what? If you busied yourself actually studying something and understanding the truth, you wouldn’t be preoccupied… Read more »


    ^^^ And btw, I do study Science at uni, undergrad so I’m not big-noting myself…BUT, in that environment, you study with however is around you, and it never comes between you and your Asian or African study partner that Bohr or Newton or whoever was white…because you’re too fcking busy trying to understand the material, and getting drunk at the uni bar.

    Can we please progress beyond the days of trying to civilise the savage…we’re all savages, some of us just have better computer literacy.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I would have guessed you were an Engrish major?

    I like his ‘nerds all get along so why can’t you?’ logic.

    Make forced abstinence leads to racial harmony?

    Of course if you in any way defend the position of indo Europeans you’re a white supremacist…lol.

    Get back to pretending you’re smart Mr. Chiney man.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    @Namelis1 The fact that creationist pull evidence out of their ass is exactly why I bother posting. Atheists should be held to higher standard. Do you really want to sound as looney as creationists? @stalwart Way to miss the point. The graph directly implies that scientific progress was only made in European, which is UNTRUE. Your job as a scientist is to point out things that are UNTRUE. btw, I’m a chem grad student with two b.s.’s so I know exactly what kind of environment research takes place in. But you also have the responsiblity to educate, which is why… Read more »


    There are no variables to what defines a ‘scientific advancement’, so it’s an incomplete graph. Why you all are arguing over a series of colored lines is beyond me.


    I hate to intrude on these religion debates, but this isn’t really an issue of religion at all. The Roman Empire had been going downhill starting when Christianity was an obscure cult that was barely ever mentioned. Some of the reasons I would site would be the devaluation of the currency via heavy debasing, frequent famines reported for at least two centuries, constant outside invasions, and the period of revolving emperors, which took away any vague semblance of political stability. Hell, I’d reckon the reason Christianity caught on in Rome was because things had already gone to hell, and people… Read more »


    Oh, yeah, and the dark ages are different from the high middle ages. This thread sucks.


    Magnus, I’m white. I’m anglo as hell, and I like anglo culture. Fact is, I like you Magnus, your posts are good, and you’re honest. But I honestly hate it when science gets juxtaposed with race. Yes, the latest scientific advances have been European. However, none of those scientists, with the exception of a few, devoted any mental energy to their skin colour. All I’m suggesting is that if one part of the world makes an advance, or kills 6 million people, that that does not become the one thing that defines all people form that part of the world.… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    That’s what I was agreeing with before no? Because in saying you like anglo culture there are a lot of spoiled visible minorities who have GREATLY benefited and survived as result of the pursuits and accomplishments of indo Europeans and Anglo Saxons who would call you a Nazi. That’s the idiocy I was pointing out. This whole thing started because someone got uppity about no one recognizing their crap ass part of the world in a graph. That stems from the insecurities felt by a lot of races when white people don’t put them in front of themselves in terms… Read more »


    The fact that someone got upset that the graph didn’t indicate Chinese and other Asian achievements is annoying for myself as well. I mean those achievements are thousands of years old, and they’re are very basic achievements. I’d say nutting out the principles of geometry are somewhat more straightforward than calculus or electromagnetism. But that isn’t the point either. The fact is that the graph isn’t Eurocentric. If I’m not mistalen Egypt is not a part of Europe. The only oversight the makers of this graph can be accused of is historical inaccuracy, I highly doubt they were promoting European… Read more »