Google Maps Pee Man

Link to Google Maps Pee Man

Google Pee Man

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    That’s gotta be a shop.


    Well, the link is pretty much real.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Definately NOT a photoshop. Pretty easy to find on google maps, just start at skyline college, san bruno.


    tiki god, you should add some way to quote other posts in your own, like the *chans


    Here’s the direct link:


    Clearly not shopped… I’m really on the fence about this street view thing. Is it an invasion of privacy if you pee on the side of the road and someone takes a picture? Probably not…

    Is it an invasion of privacy if someone takes a picture that shows your car (and visible license plate) parked in front of your house and posts it on the internet… idunno. There are people that I wouldn’t really want knowing exactly where I live. (e.g. insane ex-wife)


    It’s not a shop, he’s not peeing, from another angle down the street you can see he’s working on a part of the bike. It is a very funny picture, however. As for taking pictures clear enough to read the licenses on the cars, if it can be seen from the street it isn’t hidden from a person driving by and this bothers one, one should park so that no other person can see the plate.


    Perhaps the car is a gray area… but where does the line stop? Would you argue that anything that occurs in the public is public information? Lets say hypothetically, that you are an attractive female. Lets say that the camera snaps a picture of you outside of your home, and it’s posted to the internet without you knowing. Is it unreasonable to worry that some sort of predator may now have a photograph of you coupled with your home address? You could either argue that a) that predator could just drive by and see the same thing, or b) that… Read more »


    Wouldn’t you have to find the location in the first place? And doesn’t this street view thing only play back what was captured when google took the pic for google maps?

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