It hurts…too much!

Go to the cashier and ask this question.

Gas Prices

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    What shall you file your tank under?


    In the UK it’s the equivalent of US$6 a US gallon. And the US have the friggin nerve to complain!


    I filled gas up today on the way home from the cabin. Full tank 90L $100 even. *sigh*

    Tyler Durden

    Holy shit! $6 a gallon! Not that it makes it better or anything, but doesn’t the UK also have a much better mass transit and public transport system?


    The UK’s public service system is better than in the US (well, compared to California where I’ve been on holiday), but the only difference is that it’s more dense – we have more buses and trains per square mile than the US. Nevertheless, it’s still as slow as FCUK, never on time, often delayed or cancelled. Plus the bus system is getting more expensive – for me to go to the 4 miles into town, it’s gone up from 1.50GBP to 2.50GBP in 3 years, despite inflation being less than 4% and gas/petrol prices only rising 20% or so in… Read more »


    HA! Greetings from the future.

    This was my Random Post FROM THE PAST today, and looking out the window in Chicago the gas station across the street is pumping for $4.35.


    $4.35? Man, I miss the past. =[


    $4.09 in WV. A differences between the US and Europe is that our country was mostly built on the reality that people can drive long distances. W/ the exception of a few older, larger cities, there is no mass transit. We’re stuck right now. Where I am, there are no other options. I drive 32 miles p/d each way and hubby does almost 50 miles p/d each way. My truck gets 32mph highway and his car gets 38mph highway. It definitely hurts especially since everything else is really starting to cost more because of the cost of gas.

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