My First Tattoo

Here it is, I’ve tried to take pictures, but it’s hard to do all by yourself.  Which I am.
Anyways, it’s no particular element, just a proclamation of SCIENCE.

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    How very retro futuristic.

    I likes it.


    *tries to count the molecules*
    … neon?

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    4 electrons, so if its neutral then its beryllium. Unless those are the valence electrons, the its carbon.
    It looks cool, that’s what counts.


    hey you told me about this one!
    i bet it hurt!
    dos it?

    tiki god

    I’ve always thought / heard that tattoos would hurt, but this didn’t hurt at all. It kinda tickled though.


    It depends on where you get it and your pain tolerance.

    I have a tattoo on my chest, and in the 2 hours it took to get it done. I felt like she took the needle stabbed it into my nipple and tried to dig for gold.


    he’s lying, don’t listen to him, he’s trying to make us all suffer, to feel the pain!!! : )


    oh, i was thinkin about giving myself a tattoo, on my heel, of the element skateboard company symbol tree thingy,
    but i decided not to cuz i did nont know how!