Global Warming World Map


I wonder when I should move into my aquahabitat house

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    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Setting aside that global warming is utter bullshit, if this magic transformation were to happen…that’d make for some sweet scuba diving.


    Alright everybody, lets do a little experiment here. Most of the polar icecaps are in water, Antarctica is actually just a few square kilometers of dirt and a whole lot of ice floating on water. The northern icecap is almost all in water with a small percentage in Greenland. Now, on to our experiment. Take an empty glass, fill it with ice and water, take a grease marker and mark where the water level is. Now let the glass sit for a few hours. When you come back much of the ice is melted, what happened to the water level?… Read more »


    tikigod, you need to move in after your next stipend from god, trust me, im already in my aquahabitat, i bought tons of MREs off of ebay.


    I wish I could buy all that soon to be beach front property so I could sell it to the displaced people at a much higher price. Its my American dream.

    melting icecaps = $$$$$


    If you’re going to buy soon to be beach front property buy it off the coast.


    I’d like to thank Magnus and Jeros for being the self-designated trolls of this thread and getting the flame war started.

    Now please click on some ads. That is all.


    Jeros, hate to break it to you but Antarctica is mostly land covered by ice. If ALL of the ice on Antarctica were to melt, the oceans would rise 200′.

    If ALL the ice on Greenland were to melt, it would result in oceans rising 24′.

    No one is saying all of the ice is going to melt, but the trend is definately towards a higher sea level than a lower one.


    Jeros et al – think about the other consequences of the melting – the glacier and polar melts will be freshwater. Adding that amount to the haline convection of the oceans will really, really mess up the cycle. A messed up oceanic convection means big changes to northern countries like Ireland that owe their relatively temperate climate on the warm ocean currents. Also, increased CO2 will acidify the oceans by standard equilibrium diffusion equations of dissolved CO2 becoming bicarbonate. Lowered pH of the oceans means that dissolved calcium carbonate will drop out of the upper oceans. Less available calcium carbonate… Read more »


    Just to add to natakamus’s point, I just moved out to the mountains in Canada, and there’s a fuckload of glaciers around here. Huge fucking glaciers. And this isn’t, like, the only place in world to have them.

    Jeros, I’ve never lived in your great land, so enlighten me about your great culture. Why are half of American’s fucking crazies? And why do the psycho nutjubs tend to live in the poor, run-down states which only drain the rich, successful states full of more sane people?


    great natakamass way to fail at trying to refute one of my points, now you look like an ass. You are citing WIKIPEDIA. Any jackass in the world with access to an internet cafe can altar or create a Wikipedia article saying anything they want. If someone who actually knows shit about what he’s saying doesn’t come along and fix it that’s all you get from Wikipedia. YOU could have altered that article just to make your point. Have you personally gone to Antarctica and taken core sample/sonar readings and things of that nature to verify how much of Antarctica… Read more »


    @happy pig: Life changes, it adapts and evolves to suit its environment. Desalination is a major problem for the world as we know it, true. The world as we know it cannot last forever regardless of what you or anyone else wants, you ego maniacal fuck @Caio yes Canada has huge fuckloads of glaciers, and how very eloquently put by the way. Guess what? there’s even more “huge fuckloads” of glaciers in the sea north of Canada. Oh and way to attack me because of the country I live in, good job you flaming elitist nut job. Did I start… Read more »


    Laugh and point @ Jeros.


    ok that post didn’t seem to work, so let me do it more briefly:

    evolution, Bitch. Desalination is a problem for ocean life as we know it today. The world changes despite your wishes, you ego maniacal fuck.


    Ha ha… it’s funny cause Arisoi called Jeros a troll for adding information to the posts, but he’s the real troll 😛 mmm, taste that iron


    I’m fortunate in that I don’t care, otherwise my opinions would fuel teh flame warz.

    I’m content to sit back, and let them melt, just to see what happens. And when it does, I’ll come back to this thread, and state the obvious.

    If everything melts, we’ll just launch into space a really long garden hose, and get a pump to start syphoning up some water into space, and everything’ll be back to normal.


    Jeros, quit being an ass. I don’t think that global warming is man-made, and I don’t think much (if anything) can be done about it, but I’m not going to pretend that Antarctica is a giant ice-cube in the half-empty-glass we call Earth.

    There’s the British Antarctic survey. Read through it and you’ll see mention that even partial collapsing of the Antarctic Ice Sheet will result in water levels RISING.

    Just in case you are right, I think I am going to start buying underwater property.

    beep beep

    I am laughing more at Jeros’ horrible grammar and spelling more than I am at his actual arguments. I always find it funny when people try to sound “smrt” on teh intarwebs but somehow lack basic understanding of their native language.

    Arguing about global warming is akin to arguing about religion: a very small minority will have actual knowledge about the subject matter and everyone else will be bullshitting but trying desperately hard to pass it off as truthful information. When their bullshitting fails they turn to ad hominem attacks; FOX News has taught them well.


    I find it highly amusing that the Jeros entity believes he/she/it has refuted decades of peer-reviewed climatological science with a glass of water and some ice cubes. Maybe she/he/it will use a dinner plate and some bacon to show us how pigs are actually the most intelligent species living on our flat earth. Just think of the damage to mainstream science sheheit could do with a salt shaker!


    Asking people to personally go to Antarctica to test icecaps is fallacious reasoning. As for Wikipedia, I work in academia and still find it a valuable resources for basic information, but on that note—what sort of source *would* you believe, Jeros, other than actually going to Antarctica yourself and testing core samples? If you don’t believe scientific research, and you don’t believe Wikipedia, then where do you place your trust? In your astute hunches? The fact that you “just know” and don’t like liberal ideas, and therefore the opposite of what they say must be true? You also ask natakamus… Read more »


    Dear rattybad, I believe you have drawn the inappropriate conclusion that I was attacking liberals and defending the conservatives. This is untrue. Conservatives in general are quite possibly the lowest scum on earth, generally speaking. But liberals are no better. Neither camp actually gives a fuck about global warming. Allow me to say that again: Neither liberal nor conservative politicians give a FUCK about global warming. Up until now I’ve just been trolling, fanning the flame war, but this is something that actually bothers me. A majority of the people who come to this site label themselves “liberals” because they… Read more »


    1.) I do not think you are an idiot Jeros, you form complete sentences with words that aren’t made up.

    2.) Sadly Christopher Walken isn’t really running for office. (Does no one read fine print these days?)

    3.)Blowing shit up is only fun if you get to see it for yourself first hand, that just kills it if you’re already dead.


    Damnit kaze… oh well, we can still write him in right?

    And I’ve seen enough shit blow up in my young life, I’m pretty much satisfied as far as that goes.