Atheists will cause civil war.


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    Alec Dalek

    Wow, Christians really are the worst persecutors. We need to bring back the lions…


    It’s funny because it’s true. I really do sit at home every night thinking about how my lack of belief would make me a perfect candidate for Al Qaida.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Civil War leads to dead rednecks
    Dead rednecks leads to less stupid people
    Less stupid people leads to a better America

    See they just didn’t have room for the whole thing.


    We should get together natakamus, and consult with our anti-thetic warlords for how we are going to bring down the united states government, and spread anarchy throughout the planet.

    You know, instead of our normal proceedings of having a LAN fest with poptarts, and tang.

    beep beep

    They act as if we did not already know this.
    FYI- West Virginia is not a credible state to be living in.


    Traitors lead to Civil War.
    Civil War leads to Iron Man heading SHIELD.
    Iron Man heading SHIELD leads to Captain America dying.

    Wow…maybe they’re onto something.


    Designed by a man who flies a flag representing treason and armed insurrection against the United States.


    I must admit, I am an atheist, and I’ve gotten the ‘you’re going to hell’ treatment before. I’m fortunate I don’t live in the South.

    Fundamentalist Christian yabbos like this guy are what are truly un-American, undermining our democracy and freedom of religion…even our school systems suffer as they try to force ‘intelligent design’ upon impressionable young children!


    The problem here is language – atheists are not anti-God, they simply don’t believe he exists. Disbelief is not antagonism. Someone who is anti-God would be an anti-theist.

    Plus, Treason is an ACT against a sovereign state. Simply believing or not believing something can’t be treason.

    Also, if you go through history and count up all the wars started by Christians and all the wars started by atheists I think you would see a clear pattern rather quickly.


    More important, when you’re a Reverend anti-God is anti-business.