Stargate Atlantis X-304 Daedalus Interstellar Battleship Wallpaper


here’s a weird question for you.  The SciFI channel has been airing Atlantis episodes as “new” and “never before seen”, but a couple months ago, I downloaded and watched all of them.  I even saw the final episode of SG-1 at the same time.  I didn’t think anything of it at the time, cause I wasn’t paying much attention to the SciFi’s Channel’s website, but now I wonder where the hell the episodes I watched came from.

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    Ahh, I know the answer to this due to having a (now broken) 6 food satellite dish, that swivelled to find the different dishes in the air, like Satcom, Telstar, Galaxy5, Anik-E2, and what not. The parent company broadcasts the show in advance to the different rebroadcasters that are going to air the show. Which means if someone has access to the same transponder they’re broadcasting on, you can get the show in advance, but the most I’d seen were several weeks, not months in advance. So whoever actually PRODUCES the show (I think it went from Showtime to NBC..?)… Read more »


    Here’s an easier explanation…they broadcast in Canada with no breaks (we had the mid-season break on SciFi over here).

    tiki god

    That’s a pretty stupid idea. Don’t they know we have internets?